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A Brief Study on Agro Morphological Trait Characterization of Chickpea Variety?s Germplasm to Improve Genetic Resources in Fadis, Ethiopia

Bekele Kindie*

According to the study, thirty-two chickpea accessions with eight check varieties have been characterized considering to its morphological characteristics. All accessions have exhibited absence of plant pigmentation, and the majority of them exhibited an erect plant growth type. Most accessions had an angular ram’s seed shape and medium-length pods. Majority of accessions have exhibited early days of flowering and medium-sized seeds, while Plant height had the lowest coefficient of variation (0.04), and Days to 50% flowering had the highest coefficient of variation (0.57%). All accessions have been characterizing lately flowering whereas twenty-five accessions were lately matured than check varieties. Twenty accessions have produced more primary branches and twenty-four accessions produced higher pods per plant than the check varieties. Three clusters were present in the study. Days to 75% maturity and plant height have very significant positive association (r=+1.00) but there was no association between secondary branch and 100 seed weight