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A Case Report and Literature Review on Dermatomyositis Following Heart Transplantation

Anat R Tambur

Background and objects: Cardiac involvement has been well honored in cases with dermatomyositis (DM) and polymyositis (PM) with a variable frequence between 9 and 72. Still, clinically significant heart involvement in DM/ PM is fairly occasional and there have been rare reports of cardiac transplantation in DM. Our points were to describe a case of severe cardiac involvement in DM taking heart transplantation and review the literature of cardiac complaint in DM and PM.

Method: A case with dermatomyositis who was appertained to our institution with severe heart failure is described. Pathology of the case's cadaverous and cardiac muscle is reviewed. A MEDLINE database hunt of reports of cardiac involvement in DM and PM was also conducted.

Results: A 36 time-old man with DM presented with severe heart failure to our institution for evaluation of heart transplantation. After a three month hospitalization he passed successful cardiac transplantation. Pathological examination of his explant heart revealed a pattern of inflammation and damage analogous to DM in cadaverous muscle. The case is presently doing well, 20 months post-transplant, and is maintained on tacrolimus, collect, rituximab, and low cure prednisone. To our knowledge, this is the first case report of heart transplantation in dermatomyositis in which the muscle pathology is analogous in both heart and cadaverous muscle.

Conclusion: Severe cardiac involvement taking transplantation is rare in dermatomyositis but does do and appears to be related to a analogous seditious process as noted in the cadaverous muscle.