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当社グループは 3,000 以上の世界的なカンファレンスシリーズ 米国、ヨーロッパ、世界中で毎年イベントが開催されます。 1,000 のより科学的な学会からの支援を受けたアジア および 700 以上の オープン アクセスを発行ジャーナルには 50,000 人以上の著名人が掲載されており、科学者が編集委員として名高い

700 ジャーナル 15,000,000 人の読者 各ジャーナルは 25,000 人以上の読者を獲得

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Advanced Techniques in Occupational Therapy and for Physiotherapy for Acute Stroke Rehabilitation

Omar Sulieman

This article explores cutting-edge techniques in occupational therapy (OT) and physiotherapy (PT) designed to advance recovery in individuals following acute stroke. The review highlights recent developments in rehabilitation practices, including the integration of robotics, virtual reality, neuro stimulation, and task-specific training. The application of constraint-induced movement therapy and the use of telehealth for remote monitoring are also discussed. These innovative approaches aim to enhance neuroplasticity, improve motor function, and promote functional independence in stroke survivors. The article underscores the evolving landscape of acute stroke rehabilitation and the promising outcomes facilitated by the adoption of advanced techniques in OT and PT.