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Combined liver-visceral resections for neoplastic lesions correlate with increased postoperative complications in the non-cirrhotic patients

Ashraf Mohammad

Combined liver-visceral resections may impose increased risk of postoperative complications. Data on the clinical outcome of combined liver-visceral  resections (CLVRs) versus

sole liver resection (SLR) have not been adequately reported from Upper Egypt cancer surgery

programs. Medical records of adult non- cirrhotic patients who underwent CLVRs for all types of

hepatic masses from February 2015 to April 2018 at Sohag University Hospital were reviewed.

CLVRs patients were compared with matched SLR controls regarding demographic data, tumor


varieties, operative strategies, assessment of surgical complications, including mortality Thirty-two patients were enrolled, including 16 with CLVR2s and their 16 matched controls