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当社グループは 3,000 以上の世界的なカンファレンスシリーズ 米国、ヨーロッパ、世界中で毎年イベントが開催されます。 1,000 のより科学的な学会からの支援を受けたアジア および 700 以上の オープン アクセスを発行ジャーナルには 50,000 人以上の著名人が掲載されており、科学者が編集委員として名高い

700 ジャーナル 15,000,000 人の読者 各ジャーナルは 25,000 人以上の読者を獲得

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Epidemiological Impact of Combining Vaccination, Therapy, and Treatment in Measles Control

Ranjan Vasudev

Measles, a highly contagious viral disease, poses a significant public health threat, particularly among children. While vaccination has been instrumental in reducing the global burden of measles, this article explores the epidemiological impact of integrating vaccination, therapy, and treatment in measles control. Measles transmission dynamics, the role of vaccination, and the often overlooked importance of therapy and treatment are discussed. Combining these measures creates a synergistic approach that reduces transmission, enhances herd immunity, improves outbreak management, and eases the healthcare burden. This holistic strategy is crucial for achieving global measles eradication and ensuring the comprehensive well-being of vulnerable populations.