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Ifit2 Protect Mice from Murine-?-Coronavirus Induced Neuroinflammatory Demyelination

Madhav Sharma, Jayasri Das Sarma

Ifit2, an interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 2, is critical in restricting neurotropic murine β- coronavirus RSA59 infection. While the protective role of Ifit2 is established for acute viral encephalitis, less is known about its influence on demyelination during the chronic phase of RSA59 infection. This commentary highlights key aspects of the study by Sharma et al., which demonstrated that Ifit2 deficiency causes extensive RSA59 viral spread in the spinal cord associated with impaired T-cell infiltration. Infected Ifit2-/- mice showed reduced T-cell activation in the cervical lymph nodes and preserved blood-brain-barrier integrity. Also, RSA59- infected Ifit2-/- mice showed severe demyelination and persistent viral load in the chronic phase of the disease. Thus, Ifit2 provides antiviral functions by promoting acute Neuroinflammation, aiding virus control, and limiting severe demyelination.