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Influence of Irrigation Erosion on Agrochemical Characteristics of Mountain Brown Soils and Yield of Grain and Legums

Quliyeva MA*

Taking into account all this, it is important to protect the soil from the erosion process in the Shamakhi-Ismailli region, to increase the fertility of the soil, and to prevent the washing of fodder plants under perennial grasses. creates the basis for splitting the fodder base. The results of the researches prove that it is important to restore the fertility and ecological balance of eroded soils, and to implement soil-agro technical measures to increase productivity. In connection with the application of these measures, I also prevent surface water runoff as a result of improving the water and physical properties of the affected soil. In addition, for certain reasons, erosion and erosion hazards are borne by the sowing of perennial grasses, proved by the results of the study. Thus, perennial grasses, especially legumes, accumulate atmospheric nitrogen, enrich the soil with organic matter, accelerate the formation of a water-resistant granular-topical structure and improve its water-physical properties, which in turn facilitates the quick digestion of legumes. Rich food in animal husbandry makes it possible to obtain products