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当社グループは 3,000 以上の世界的なカンファレンスシリーズ 米国、ヨーロッパ、世界中で毎年イベントが開催されます。 1,000 のより科学的な学会からの支援を受けたアジア および 700 以上の オープン アクセスを発行ジャーナルには 50,000 人以上の著名人が掲載されており、科学者が編集委員として名高い

700 ジャーナル 15,000,000 人の読者 各ジャーナルは 25,000 人以上の読者を獲得

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Mental Health Situation and Resilience among Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review

Given Hapunda

ABSTRACT: Africa is the continent most prone to strife like wars, political violence, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and violations of human rights. Vices like these result in mental health problems among children and adolescents. Children and adolescents who have experienced war, political violence, diseases or severe violations of human rights in Sub-Saharan Africa, tend to exhibit mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, withdrawal, and conduct disorders and many other psychological problems. Despite exposure to these stressful and traumatic experiences, survivors of these events tend to show resilience due to individual, family and community factors particularly family, peer, school and community support. Large scale interventions such as social cash transfer programs and small scale interventions such as Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have proven to improve social capital of children and adolescents, and build their resilience amidst and after adversities.