ISSN: 2476-2024

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Methylation Level of ASC/TMS1 and MYD88 Genes in Healthy Larynx and Laryngeal Carcinoma Tissue

Lana Kovač Bilić1 , Jelena Knežević2 , Maja Šutić2 , Srećko Branica1, Krsto Dawidowsky1 and Mario Bilić1* 

Abstract Background: There are no biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients with laryngeal carcinoma. Methylation changes of ASC/TMS1 and MYD88 genes, in healthy and cancer tissue, might be related with development and progression of cancer. The study explored is there a difference in gene’s methylation in healthy and tumor tissue and does it correlate with protein expression. Results: The total of 36 patients were enrolled in the study. Methylation of bisulphite converted DNA was quantified by pyrosequencing in fresh frozen cancer and adjacent non-malignant tissues. The overall methylation of MYD88 gene is significantly higher in healthy tissue and this finding correlates with protein expression and the overall methylation of ASC/TMS1 gene is unchanged but the protein expression of ASC/TMS1 is significantly higher in cancer. Conclusion: The methylation status of the ASC/TMS1 and MYD88 genes are promising prognostic biomarker candidates and may lead to earlier detection of laryngeal cancer.