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Seminal Vesicle Cystadenoma Presenting as a Giant Cystic Abdominal Mass Case Report and Literature Review

Miry Achraf

The seminal vesicles are paired organs that have a posterior location to the bladder and prostate. A seminal vesicle has a capacity for around 4 ml, and has a length of 5-7 cm. The secretions of seminal vesicles make up 80% of seminal fluid [1]. Primary tumors of the seminal vesicles are very rare and could be benign or malignant [2] and Benign tumors, such as cystadenomas are rarer than malignant ones [3]. They are usually present in second and third decades of life. High-resolution trans-rectal ultrasonography (TRUS) guided biopsy can be useful for assisting the diagnosis. CT scan and MRI are more performing techniques to characterize the lesion of the seminal vesicle [1]. Because of the rarity of these tumors, there is no defined treatment for their management [4]. We report the case of an 80 years old patient, with a giant cystadenoma of the seminal vesicle, along with a review of the literature