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Standardization and Normalization of the Changes in the Sexual Functioning Questionnaire in Male Addicts and a Comparing Male Addict's Sexual Functioning with Normal People

Roohollah Mirzaei, Shahab Moradi and Hojjatollah Haghgoo*

The present study aimed to validate the Changes in the Sexual Functioning Questionnaire Short-Form (CSFQ-14) and compare male addict’s sexual functioning to that of normal people. In this study, a causalcomparative design was used. A total of 101 men addicted to one or more substances, from addiction treatment centers in Semnan, and a total of 101 normal men from the staff of Semnan’s Universities were selected using a convenience sampling method. The instrument used in this study was the CSFQ which is a 14-item questionnaire. All the study data were analyzed using SPSS software. An exploratory factor analysis revealed 3 factors: 1) sexual pleasure factor (single-item), 2) mental factor (sexual desire) with a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.90, and 3) physical factor (orgasm and arousal) with a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.92. In addition, the results of a MANOVA analysis comparing the sexual functioning of sex addicts to that of non-addicts indicated significant differences between the two groups in all the three factors. Therefore, the validated instrument can be useful in assessing the changes in sexual functioning. The study results also rejected the claim that drugs can solve sexual problems or lead to a feeling of greater sexual pleasure.