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Taking a holistic view of PEST?containing nuclear protein (PCNP) in cancer biology

Xin Ying JI

ABSTRACT: Polypeptide sequences enriched with proline (P), glutamic acid (E), aspartic acid (D) and

serine (S)/ threonine (T) (PEST) have been reported to be the most abundant and frequently distributed at the cellular level. There is growing evidence that PEST sequences act as proteolytic recognition signals for degradation of residual proteins which is critical for activation or deactivation of regulatory proteins involved in cellular signaling pathways of cell growth, differentiation, stress responses and physiological death. A PEST containing nuclear protein (PCNP) was demonstrated as a tumor suppressor in a neuroblastoma cancer model and tumor promoter in lung adenocarcinoma cancer model. Its unique properties like ubiquitination by NIRF, co‐localization with NIRF in nucleus and tumor localization with NIRF in nucleus and tumor progression attract the attention of researchers.
PCNP was reported to be ubiquitinated by ring