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Use of Curcumin in Periodontal Inflammation

Jacob PS, Nath S and Sultan OS

Periodontitis is a bacterial initiated but host modulated chronic infection that leads to destruction of the connective tissue supporting the teeth. Immune and inflammatory response directed against specific bacteria and its products become responsible for the local periodontal tissue loss in susceptible persons. Non-surgical therapy has been the mainstay of periodontal management with mechanical removal of plaque being the predominant method. However some individuals non responsive with only mechanical therapy benefit from supplementation with antimicrobial therapy. The use of adjunctive antimicrobial therapy has been plagued by problems of microbial resistance of local and gut flora. The identification of modified tetracycline made a paradigm shift in host modulation wherein the inflammatory pathway of host connective tissue destruction was altered without affecting the microbial profile. Systemic and locally delivered curcumin shows potential for having similar anti-inflammatory properties. Here we review the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin and its various forms in modulatory host response as a potential therapy in periodontal diseases.