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Use of Pesticides: Causes, Effects and Management

Delilah Janett

Pesticides are the chemical substances used to control agricultural pests and enhance agricultural productivity. Intensification in agriculture leads over-use of pesticides. Overuse of pesticides has become a serious threat to human as well as environmental health. Although the effect of pesticides is a major subject of concern, an in-depth study on this topic has not been done yet. Lack of awareness among farmers, climate-induced change in pest distribution patterns, pest resurgence, poor regulation, low-quality pesticides, etc. is the major causes of overuse of pesticides. The persistence of pesticide residue in environments and crops leads to long-term negative health hazards to humans, animals, and ecosystems. The proper management of pesticide use through increasing the efficiency towards the specific pest was a prerequisite for the protection of human, animal, and environmental health adulteration. Pest population monitoring, pesticide alternations, proper time and amount of pesticide application, target-specific pesticide application, biological control, pheromones traps, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and host plant resistance techniques were the major strategies suitable to reduce the hazardous effects of pesticides. Therefore this review addresses the major issue related to over use of pesticides, their causes, and proper management strategies that would help people protect themselves from serious hazards and overall sustainability of the ecosystem.